Royal Society Exhibition

ORCA Hub will be exhibiting at The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London from Monday 1 July to Sunday 7 July 2019.

Our interactive exhibit is currently under development but will show - in miniature - the goals of ORCA and how robots can be used in the offshore industries for guidance, navigation and control within hazardous environments.

The aim of our exhibition will be to provide a hands-on experience for visitors using interactive technology in the form of Cozmo robots and will feature three interactive zones including a small-scale mock-up oil platform and wind turbines.

We will be releasing further details on this page and on Twitter throughout 2019.

Background of the Hubs:

ORCA Hub was launched in October 2017 along with three other Hubs as part of the government’s £93m R&D funding on “Robotics and AI for Extreme Environments” through the Industry Strategic Challenge Fund (ISCF).