Partnership Fund

A key feature of the Hub is the agile co-evolution of research, demonstrations and use cases/commercial models spiraling beyond 3.5 years, and the use of a Partnership Resource Fund comprising £2.6M of initially unallocated EPSRC resource with up to £17.8M of partner cash and in-kind support.

The demonstrations aim to facilitate evaluation and provide base technologies and opportunities for developing Partnership Projects with industry.

Hub activities are reviewed on an annual basis to identify unfruitful lines of investigation and emerging white spaces to direct or re-allocate resources through the use of open calls for both core research and commercialization actions.

The first calls will be announced in autumn 2019.

Divers under offshore oil platform

Simon Reeve - VP Technology & Innovation, Lloyds Register:

"The oil and gas sector is really looking at how it can continue to be effective to get the maximum output from the North Sea, but also keep costs down and improve efficiency, and improve safety. So the ORCA Hub is critical in providing the skills and the technologies that will be necessary for that journey."